White Snack took the freedom of snacking to BIOFACH


There were great interest in our White Snack Organic (Bio) products at BIOFACH 2018 Exhibition in Nurenberg, Germany.
It’s not a wonder, because we presented our newest organic products: Organic Veggie Snack, Organic Hummus Snack, Organic Lentil Snack that are  products of healthier and more conscious snacking. We also showed White Snack BIO Popcorn and BIO Corn Stick. We follow international trends and consumer needs.

The WHITE SNACK BIO snack products
-    offer snacking options for those who look for tasty snacks without compromises
-    are light snacks even for the youngest children
-    are loyal friends to your gourmet and special snacking habits
-    are your good friends if you love fitness, follow diets, your goal is health-conscious nutrition, or you are sensitive to gluten or lactose
-    are the best choice for the enthusiasts of organic (BIO) products