White Snack Quinoa Snack 45g

This Quinoa Snack is a new member of the modern WHITE SNACK brand products. This is a snack product for more conscious and healthier snacking with special and natural flavours. It's a delicious crunchy chips. Compared to traditional potato snacks, they have lower fat content and higher fibre content, while they meet the expectations of the consumers with special nutritional needs.
Eat it between two meals, snack it on its own or with a matching dip. Did you know that it can be part of your main meals with vegetables, salads, and other delicacies? That is why we recommend it to gourmets, to those who like special snacks and to vegans.

You must taste it! Snacking can be healthy! Our new WHITE SNACK Quinoa snack product provide the freedom of snacking.
Lactose-free, and vegan product.




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Fehértói Csemege edible corn grits 450 g

Until the beginning of the last century, the meals made from corn grits were very popular.

They are becoming more and more popular in today's modern cuisine and the garnishes made from corn grits are offered by our restaurants under the name “polenta”.

Ingredients: corn grits