High quality, Hungarian tidbits into the stores!

This is our goal and we do everything to achieve it. Our White Snack and Fehértói Csemege brand products are known and beloved throughout the country. It is important to us to put high quality products on the market, that meets healthy eating habits.
We strive to satisfy special nutrition needs: we produce gluten free snack products since our foundation and began to produce BIO snack products, as well.
We purchase most of the selected commodity of our products from Hungary and we work them up in the quality assurance system of International Food System, so that we can provide customers the best.

It does worth to choose us, because…

We strive for continuous renewal

We produce high quality products

We are partner-oriented We have more than 20 years of experience

We undertake producing and transporting large quantity of snack with a short deadline

We can serve both wholesale and retail partners

How do we work?

We operate a sales network, within which ten of our colleagues visit and serve our contractual trading partners.
We can serve logistics centers and wholesale centers of our multinational partners, as well as stores of retail networks and this is unique in this field. We store our products on 3000 square meter and the transportation is carried out through our own freight organization.

Production of White Snack, Fehértói Csemege and private label products

Beside producing our own, we produce private label products for several commercial chains of stores. We are open to fulfill this type of orders in the future as well, of course.
As we mentioned, due to the size of our company we can undertake produce of products of large quantity with a short deadline and we organize the transportation of snacks on our own.
We are more than happy to fulfill orders from our foreign partners. Our explicit goal is to sell our products on the export market, as well, our new partners may find us on ANUGA, Biofach, PLMA international exhibitions.

Quality above all!

IT is important to us to provide excellent quality service while producing snacks and transporting products to stores and logistics centers.Towards this, we ourselves organize and control the whole procedure, thus, high quality guaranteed.

Reliability and quality are our main criteria and our goal is to keep this in the future, as well.


Our main partners: