Who are we and what do we do?

We produce and deal snack products for two decades. As being a family business, we really care about producing high quality products and to make our partners satisfied with our services.

We are proud of the excellent products of our two brands
•    the White Snack and
•    Fehértói Csemege.
Fehértói Csemege has a twenty-years-past to be proud of. The product range of White Snack is expanding on the snack market, both in supply and innovative product types.
Besides, we are producing private label products for several commercial chains of stores.

Healthy noshery? Possible!

What is worthy to know about our products:
•    It is important to us to produce snacks that meet the criteria of healthy lifestyle
•    We serve special nutrition needs, as well. E.g. with gluten free, vegan, BIO products
•    High quality is essential to us (we use the quality assurance system of International Food System)
•    Most of the ingredients we purchase are from Hungary

We provide the best for both children and adults!

In out twenty years we were always open to development and to accommodation to the changing market environment.

Due to this…

•    We can fulfill our partners’ needs on high quality, be it multinational companies or retail stores.
•    We can undertake produce of large quantity with short deadline, keeping the quality standards, of course
•    we can fulfill orders of our foreign partners too.

We can serve logistics centers and wholesale centers of our multinational partners, as well as stores of retail networks. Transportation is also carried out by us, uniquely, because it is important to us to provide the best quality service through our own freight organization.

Continuous renewal for the best products!

It is essential not to let the development stop within our company and to be always able to fulfill the actual needs.

Towards this:
•    we continuously change the product ingredients to ensure the absence of gluten and lactose
•    with our product development we try to exclude all allergens during production

We are open to novelty, we follow nutrition trends, so that customers can always get products that meet their taste and can fit in their eating habits.

Our goal is to make our partners and customers associate our products with reliable quality and to provide the feeling of freedom in snacking.

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Tamás Szilágyi - owner


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Hungarian Product Trademark
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