White Snack brand has expanded with POPCORN.


We love popcorn when it's tasty, delicious, pleasantly fresh, and when its taste resembling the taste of popcorn in cinemas. And, of course, if there are more and much of them. We wanted to meet these desires when we created WHITE SNACK POPCORN and WHITE SNACK BIO POPCORN products.

Nowadays, we have hundreds of information, pros and cons what is good or not good. This is the case especially with popcorn.

It is a fact that popcorn is prepared not in a microwave oven has more favourable qualities than those prepared in microwave. Eating popcorn causes repletion quickly, it’s high in fibre,   that’s why it’s ideal alternative to high-fat snacks, and popular among dieters.

The WHITE SNACK offers salty flavours popcorn in conventional and BIO versions as well: White Snack POPCORN Salted, White Snack BIO POPCORN Salted. They are really delicious and tasty. The BIO (Organic) version also has gluten-free, lactose-free vegan dietary qualities.

A lot of people love popcorn very much. We recommend our products for cinema and salty snack funs, and to those who are on the road. Find WHITE SNACK products on stores' shelf.